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Fürstenfeldbruck, a place of great tradition between Munich and the mountains

The Hotel zur Post is a house of long tradition in Fürstenfeldbruck close to Munich. Located only a few steps away from the Amper river in the midst of the historic buildings in the center of the town, the Hotel zur Post is a special and well-known place. The Weiss family has 400 years of experience when it comes to welcoming guests. To this day, they are maintaining a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in their hotel. The inner city of Munich with its many famous sights is only a 25-minute drive away from our advantageously located hotel. In addition, Fürstenfeldbruck is perfectly connected to Munich’s public transport system. The S-Bahn (suburban train) station is close by and the S4 will conveniently take you to the city.

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A hotel with tradition and history in Fürstenfeldbruck

Delicious food & great tradition just outside Munich
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A balanced, tasty breakfast is part of an enjoyable stay at our hotel. Enjoy our morning buffet with its fresh ingredients, delicious baked goods, and fragrant coffee. Our breakfast makes sure that our guests start the day fresh and energized.

Louis Philipp
The History of the Hotel zur Post

The Hotel zur Post looks back on more than 400 years of history in Fürstenfeldbruck. The first generation of the Weiss family that is still running the hotel today already provided the local population of the historic town with a postal service and wine.

Kloster Fürstenfeldbruck

Fürstenfeldbruck started out as a direct link between the cities of Munich and Augsburg. The postal service was an important element of the early town. The close proximity to Munich, Augsburg and Landsberg has always been a major factor in making Fürstenfeldbruck an important center. In 1972, the town was connected to Munich’s suburban train network.

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Our offers make it easy for you to make a special person happy or to have a great day with your friends and family. No matter if you’re looking for romance, sightseeing or a bike tour. We will arrange your visit to perfection.

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Hotel zur Post Fürstenfeldbruck 1700

The History of the Hotel zur Post

The Romantik Hotel zur Post in Fürstelfeldbruck

The Hotel zur Post in Fürstenfeldbruck was founded by the Weiss family who have been living in the town for more than 400 years. The fact that the hotel is still family-run adds to the friendly atmosphere and the personal way in which guests are treated. Book a room at the hotel zur Post and become part of the long history of our house.

Hotel est. 1682

The Chronicle
1969 Ludwig Weiss

Hotel training in Germany and abroad. 1991 he was awarded the Swiss diploma “Schweizer Hotelier-Diplom”. Ludwig Weiss has been running the hotel with his parents since 1999.

1943 Ludwig Weiss

After his hotel apprenticeship as well as an agricultural training, he has been leading the hotel since 1968. Substantial building works and renovations of buildings associated with the former postal duties of the family.

1909 Ludwig Weiss

Hotel owner and certified agriculturalist; helped the house gain its great reputation that exceeds the borders of Bavaria by continuously renovating and improving the building. Long years of service as a member of the town council and the district council. He optimized the work flow at the agricultural estate.

1843 Ludwig Weiss

Royally appointed Bavarian postmaster. More than 30 years of service as a member of the Bavarian parliament. Built today’s inn AD 1872.

1801 Ludwig Erasmus Weiss

Royally appointed Bavarian postmaster. Member of the Bavarian parliament like his father before him.

1764 Louis Philipp Weiss

Imperial postmaster and master of the postal stables of Bruck and Munich.
Served as captain in the national guard during the Napoleonic Wars. Savior of the Fürstenfeld monastery church. Member of the 1st Bavarian parliament. The many decorations and commendations that he received underline the great respect he enjoyed.

1712 Franz Jakob Weiss

Imperial postmaster, official innkeeper, decorated with the Order of Merit of Emperor Charles VII.

Drowned to death in the Amper river on All Saints’ Day in 1767 while traveling to Munich by horse on official business.

His grave in the yard of the parish church of Bruck is decorated with a beautiful baroque headstone. His portrait is part of the ceiling fresco of the St. Magdalena church in Bruck.

1682 Bernhard Weiss

Imperial postmaster. Bought the “Oberhaus” estate.

1645 Paul Weiss

Electroal postmaster, official innkeeper. Brother to the famous Abbot Leonhard II of Wessobrunn.

1615 Johann Weiss

Church provost, market trader, tax collector, and official innkeeper. His portrait and journal are part of the family’s treasures in their archive. Acquisition of the “Weyerhaus” during his lifetime.

1590 Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss bought the house at the marketplace in Fürstenfeldbruck in 1620. It is still used as a restaurant. His ancestors can be traced back to the year 1270. They lived at Lake Starnberg where they worked as fishermen.

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