Romantik Hotel zur Post

Parking & E-Mobility

You can park in our underground car park

& charge your electric car with 100 % green electricity.

Dear guests,

you are welcome to park in our underground car park (subject to availability!).

The access is at Schöngeisinger Straße 2a. Please take a ticket at the barrier, which will be validated at our hotel reception before you exit.

Attention: The garage door is closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.! If you arrive or depart during this time, we ask you to park at the parking deck (in front of the garage entrance on the right).

Your room key also opens the small door to get into the garage!

Please understand that it is not possible to reserve a parking space and we cannot guarantee a parking space.

For loading and unloading you can of course drive directly in front of our hotel (Hauptstraße 7).


Charge your electric car with 100 % green electricity!

There are 10 charging points available for you in our underground car park, which you can use with your own charging card (charging network or adhoc (without card, with QR code).

Public Parking

If the garage is occupied, we recommend the following public parking spaces as an alternative:

[P1] Volksfestplatz: free of charge, no time limit
600 m distance (7 min walking distance)
Navigation: Volksfestplatz, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

For the weekend and if you arrive after 7 pm and leave before 9 am:

[P2] Viehmarktplatz: subject to charge from Mo-Fr. 9am – 7pm, Sa. 9am-2pm, sundays free of charge
350 m distance (4 min walking distance)
Navigation: Viehmarktstraße, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

You can also park free of charge besides the chargeable times opposite our driveway (Schöngeisinger Straße 7, in front of a store named „Fuchsweber“) respectively along the Schöngeisinger Straße.