Romantik Hotel zur Post

In-house distillery

Self-distilled brandy from the Zellhof distillery

The running of the in-house distillery at Hotel zur Post Fürstenfeldbruck is a particular passion of the Weiss family. The product range consists of six home-made fruit brandies for discerning palates: Apple brandy, apricot brandy, cherry brandy, plum brandy, Williams pear brandy and mirabelle brandy. The high percentage delights from in-house production mature for at least five years before they are ready for sale. The in-house brandy therefore becomes a real spirit, which is even extremely popular among connoisseurs. Enjoy the “in-house distilled brandy” in the restaurant or our hotel bar. All of our schnapps products are also available for purchase, of course.


In-house production


Our brandies and schnapps products

  • Apple brandy

    (0,2l) € 8,00
    (0,5l) € 15,00
  • Apricot brandy

    (0,2l) € 12,00
    (0,5l) € 25,00
  • Cherry brandy

    (0,2l) € 10,00
    (0,5l) € 20,00
  • Mirabelle brandy

    (0,2l) € 12,00
    (0,5l) € 22,00
  • Williams pear brandy

    (0,2l) € 10,00
    (0,5l) € 20,00
  • Plum brandy

    (0,2l) € 9,00
    (0,5l) € 17,00