History of the hotel

From Kramerhaus to Romantik Hotel zur Post

Hotel since 1682

The Hotel zur Post can look back on a long history in Fürstenfeldbruck. The building has been family owned since it was established by the Weiss family more than 400 years ago. Visitors can sense this because of the homely and personal atmosphere of the building. Visit us at Hotel zur Post and become part of the time-honoured history of our building.

1969 Ludwig Weiß

Learned about the hotel business in Germany and abroad. 1991 awarded with the Swiss Hotelier Diploma. Has managed the business together with his parents since 1999.

1943 Ludwig Weiß

Managed the business from 1968 onwards after training in the hotel business and studying agriculture. Comprehensive rebuilding and renovation of the entire Post property.

1909 Ludwig Weiß

The hotel owner and qualified agriculturalist gave the building a modern design and appearance by means of continuous renovations and conversions, and views far beyond the Bavarian borders. He was a member of the city council and district assembly for many years. He turned estate operations into a rational way of working.

1843 Ludwig Weiß

Royal Bavarian postman. Representative in the Bavarian parliament for more than 30 years. Developer of the present day inn in 1872.

1801 Ludwig Erasmus Weiß

Royal Bavarian postman. Like his father, he was a member of the Bavarian parliament.

1764 Louis Philipp Weiß

Imperial Postman of the Realm and head groom for the Bruck and Munich Post Office. Captain of the national guard during the Napoleonic wars. Saviour of Fürstenfeld Abbey. Member of the 1st Bavarian State Assembly – numerous awards and commendations are evidence of the respect that he was given.

1712 Franz Jakob Weiß

Imperial Postman of the Realm, wine host, bearer of the Order of Merit from Kaiser Karl VII. Drowned in the river Amper on a service ride to Munich on All Saint’s Day 1767. A beautiful baroque gravestone at Bruck parish church; his portrait was included in the ceiling fresco of Bruck parish church of St. Magdalena.

1682 Bernhard Weiß

Imperial Postman. Acquired the Oberhaus estate.

1645 Paul Weiß

Electoral postman, wine host Brother of well-known Abbot Leonhard II von Wessobrunn.

1615 Johann Weiß

Church provost, market observer, tax collector, wine host. His portrait and diary were kept in the family archive as precious objects. The acquisition of the Weyerhaus occurred during his time.

1590 Michael Weiß

In 1620, Michael Weiss bought the building on Marktplatz in Fürstenfeldbruck which is still run as a guest house today. It can be verified that his forefathers worked as fishmongers at Lake Starnberg from 1270 onwards.